‘Dismissal Zuma is “fake news”’

af075e45ad5ccf5049c9d1727ace1758 - ‘Dismissal Zuma is “fake news”’

The South African national tv announced that Jacob Zuma’s resignation would take, but that was promptly denied by the spokesman of the bright weakened president. The opposition demands in the meantime, the early elections.

Journalists are denied access to the hotel in Pretoria where the national executive committee of the African National Congress (ANC) meets to discuss the fate of president Jacob Zuma (75). When the correspondent of the national tv broadcaster SABC announced that it would have agreed to leave, was that by Zuma’s spokesman promptly dismissed as ‘fake news’.

Where Zuma is, is not clear. But there is no doubt that the president is considerably weakened since Cyril Ramaphosa (65), in december, the new president of the ANC. That makes the wealthy former businessman is automatically also the candidate-president at the elections next year. It seems unlikely that Jacob Zuma, then still can hold out.

The new ANC leadership wants, after all, that the president already place cleans up, so that the party, the damage can repair, and re-connection can be found at the South African voters. The ANC, which since the end of the apartheid regime in the early nineties continuously to power in South Africa, remains the largest party of the country, but under the presidency of Zuma a lot of influence today.


The controversial leader has for many years been plagued by numerous corruption cases. Under Zuma’s leadership, South Africa deteriorated to kleptocracy, where corruption is rampant and especially very openly flourishes. There is corruption at every level of government, but the president makes every effort to be the crown. He is trying today to a whopping 783 allegations of fraud or corruption off.

Ramaphosa choose as the new party leader was essential to investor confidence in South Africa to recover. Since taking office, on 18 december, the rand, the national currency, it moved forward. The entourage of Ramaphosa hopes that Zuma will be able to live with a clean exit, with the new ANC leader, the power of him can take over.

Thus, the opposition parties did not agree. They want it to parliament this week a debate on a motion of censure against Zuma, and that the parliament is dissolved and early elections are coming.

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