Detection Requested once from location

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Detection is Requested following week-once from the town hall of Landgraaf broadcast. The AVROTROS program then asks you in a special broadcast, pay extra attention to the large-scale DNA-verwantschapsonderzoek to the murder of Nicky Verstappen. According to a spokesperson, it is the first time that Detection is Requested in this way from location broadcasts.

The eleven-year-old Verstappen was in August 1998 during a youth camp on the Brunssummerheide murdered. He was there with other children from the hills church village of Heibloem.

In the broadcast once looked back on the events on the days surrounding the death of Verstappen. It also provides Detection Requested to provide a comprehensive practical explanation of the theory and practice of DNA-verwantschapsonderzoek. The program hopes thereby to contribute to a high turnout.

The DNA-verwantschapsonderzoek start four days after the broadcast. There are a total of 21.500 men invited for participation.

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