Derek & The Dirt is back

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25 years ago it was Derek & the Dirt the rock band with one of the best live reputations in Belgium. Oh by the way , the first single from their first self-titled album, Derek & the Dirt (produced by the late Thé Lau) was a shot in the rose, and put the band definitively on the map in the music scene.

EMI signed the group for 3 albums, after a memorable concert at Marktrock Leuven. Love’s exaltation was a second shot in the rose.The title track, but also Run and especially Rosie,a powerballad,new radio hits and their live reputation continued to grow. They played on as well as all the festivals and in the best halls of the country. In 1992 they recorded a live – cd Fourplay for Radio 1,produced by Patrick Riguelle.
It was their best seller but also their swan song.Maybe it was something to hot for Derek and the Dirt was short lived, in 1993 splitte the band and guitarist Pim Wolf and singer Derek each went their own way. Subcutaneous stayed the sentence grow to be a further together with old, but also new work by the Belgian rockscène with some fat steamy performances to surprise. Time to once again after all those years in the shelter, there with the Dirt of a dirty rag. After the reunion shows in 2017 , the many rehearsals and a month of camping out in the Number Nine Studios is after 25 years the new album “All Today’s Words” in the store. Steamy R&R and catchy powerballads. That is all we need in 2018.

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