Dance opens doors for Jan Kooijman and Ish Ait Hamou

f821ceb0a4260ded29ef8ac3aa0841b9 - Dance opens doors for Jan Kooijman and Ish Ait Hamou

Dance opens the doors to other cultures, conclude Jan Kooijman and Ish Ait Hamou after a trip around the world for their new program Dance around the world.

In distant countries such as Colombia, Thailand and Peru learned the tv duo dance of the locals and let them immerse themselves in the culture. This is Dance around the world is a mix between a journey and a dance. Jan Kooijman: “I would rather a cultural travel program. Dance is an important element. It’s about connecting, discovering other cultures and places in the world where you not really. It’s there in every episode in order or we are going to make to the cultures to know that we are the dance of the country to learn.”

Ish and Jan met in the jury of So You Think You Can Dance. “We developed a friendship. There was a match. Talking about dance, how we dance, brought us to the development of this program,” says Jan.

Ish: “It is dance that our access to the people and the culture. At that time, we have something in common and that is the dancing. And that is also the reason that we get very close and that they open their doors for us.”

In the first season of KRO-NCRV, from Monday February 19, broadcast on NPO 3 (21.25 hours), travel Jan and Ish to Colombia, Peru, Ukraine, Thailand, Jordan, and finally Ireland.

“It’s hard to describe how much of an impact the journey has on me as a human being,” says Ish, that before departure, the destination did not know. “On the way to Schiphol, we hoped always to Hawaii to the Hula dance, but the bloemetjesshirt is always in my suitcase remained.”

The tv makers, who are both a professional dansachtergrond have found the dance in Peru is the most complicated. “And for me it was the Ukraine impossible,” acknowledges Ish. “It was Jan there what easier. I felt at that moment a cheerleader. I tried Jan to encourage, for it was not of me.”

In South Africa, were the roles reversed. Ish got a nickname with the values-fast, smart and good. And Jan Kooijman they called a seed. Jan: “It is not our intent there is a mutual competition. It is not a battle. I like my best friend Ish, see struggelen I’m going to help him.”

In Colombia they danced the Mapalé, a dance which has its origins in the slave trade and are still very important in the South American country. Jan: “Through dance you can quickly have about topics you would normally with strangers never would talk. To that in a journalistic setting to use I found very exciting and interesting. It worked like a train, because the people we have met have all been included in their story.”

Ish: “In the countries we visited is a dance very, very important for the culture. They use dance as a language to bring their stories to tell. For us, it is also very important, because what is the story behind the dance? So we got really nice stories to hear.”

Jan and Ish to find the copy of a dance is not enough and placed the bar higher. “We wanted to be accepted by the people who taught us. They had to say “you are successful”. Just as the roots of the dance you feel the need and the importance. Only then can you really do.”

In Columbia danced the friends with bare feet on the street. That were the lord not used. “After years of intense dance and move, I felt my back, my knees, my feet. I felt old,” says Ish. Jan was even heavily injured in Thailand: “In my head I’m still just as fanatical as nine years ago when my dance career ended. I’m pouring me with the energy of the dance. But in Thailand went wrong. The pictures were four months after I got my kniebanden had almost torn. Thus, it has taken a while for a series to come.”

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