Cow Hermien, who escaped on the way to the butcher, then caught

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Hermien is mounted. The cow could Sunday night be caught. There was a lot of to do to the cow because they escaped on the way to the butcher.

But less than 8 weeks could Hermien of the freedom to enjoy in the forests of Lettele in the Netherlands. The hunting of the animal was stopped because the animal is stressed out. But the past days had the cow been a number of times danger caused on the way. Therefore, it is decided to intervene.

the Evening drew Hermien to a nearby barn. Near held a number of veterinarians located Sunday night in hiding. But as if she knew that something was going on, went to Hermien today, not the barn. They remained a long time a little further. However, could the vets her stun with a gun. After a few minutes dropped the cow in each other.

Hermien was in a bowl placed and removed. The cow is now at a knowledge of owner Herman Jansen. Monday she goes to the Koeienrusthuis in Zandhuizen.

Hermien and yet another cow escaped in the beginning of december when owner Herman Jansen them along with 15 other cows to the butcher wanted to bring. One cow could soon be caught, but Hermien I didn’t. When the story of Hermien came in the news, there was a lot of Dutch people protested against the fate of Hermien, to take her to the butcher. There was then, among other things, a crowdfunding platform launched to the cow a place in the Koeienrusthuis.

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