Budget proposal Trump 4,4 trillion

66c52ba4ee811c1b047a9386ce7ff321 - Budget proposal Trump 4,4 trillion

WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump has on Monday a budget proposal of 4.4 trillion dollars for the fiscal year 2019. He has a further increase of the expenditure with the hundreds of billions for eyes. Especially defence, border protection and infrastructure benefit. Only the Pentagon can 686 billion tegemoetzien.

On the other hand are huge cuts to the social policy of the government. The elderly and the poor are penalised. In addition, Foreign Affairs, 27 percent, and the milieubeschermingsbureau EPA 37 percent decline.

Trumps now presented plan goes against his electoral promise of a balanced budget to present. Even if all discounts are on social programs, of a total of more than $ 3 trillion in ten years continue, the national debt with 7 trillion.

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