Big hair and epaulettes for Katja Retsin in Greetings From

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Colourful pastel, high-waist, voluminous epaulets and matching hairstyles: on Tuesday 13 February 2018 is Katja Retsin 34 years back in time flashed. Greetings – last week good for 971.000 viewers and 37.5% of the market share (VVA 18-54, live +5) – brings her to 1984. Katja was then 12 years old, the same age as the daughter Manou has right now. “You’re going so, feel, notice and see how I lived when I was your age”, and sounds the. But also Mila (8), Matisse (4) and partner Jan Schepens for an unforgettable journey through time.

“I think we to 1984 to go back with a ‘tijdreizer’”, dreams Mila. That ‘tijdreizer’ is a nice Mini Cooper where the family just fit in. Also the look of when doing eyebrows frown. Katya’s haircut is, according to her, the cause of the hole in the ozone layer and also Jan Schepens poses questions to his outfit. “I think the work of art to have one or other blind artist.” With the children running the washing machine working overtime to give them a typical bekjeskapsel.

From the record player sound in 1984, hits from international stars such as Prince, Michael Jackson or Madonna. The tv-evening, then start again with a news without a news reader. For the little ones there is Splash of The Crazy Frog. During Magnum P. I. dream Katja away at the images of her big crush, Tom Selleck. Which Jan Schepens is prompt a Magnum look, including a moustache, let it wants. The family extends also to the legs on a revolutionary workout tape of fitnessgoeroe Jane Fonda. With leg warmers and lycrapakjes. Already has Jan main focus for the Apple Macintosh, the revolutionary pc that Apple in 1984 put on the market.
Lip-synching was in the eighties an amazing phenomenon, for which Katya and her boezemvriendinnen Ruth and Kathleen capitulated. They bring her a surprise visit and if Katya & The Ladies one last time, their best playbackmoves above. The ideal way to spend the weekend in beauty to complete. “There was read, measured a bit, made music… iPads so we don’t need more”, sounds resolutely.

Greetings From… Tuesday evening at 20.35 hours on VTM.

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