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Belgian football association refuses to Award for vrouwonvriendelijkheid of national council of women

The Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) Monday, the Auwch Award for vrouwonvriendelijkheid symbolically returned to the national council of women. “We don’t agree with the justification,” said spokesman Stefan Van Loock.

With Auwch Award – a cactus – wants the national council of women a “prick” to give to persons, organisations or companies who in the past year have extracted with a vrouwonvriendelijke pronunciation, message, action or campaign.

Last year they had the Red Flames of the european football CHAMPIONSHIPS in Amsterdam, finishing in mannentruitjes. In the meantime, the Belgian national team for women a own model, but the national council of women is a typical example. Thorn in the eye of the national council of women continues to be the wage or premiediscriminatie of the football association.

The belgian football association accept the Auwch Award, however, is not. “We don’t agree with the reasons why we are the award received, so I have the award symbolically returned and also explained why,” says Van Loock. “The Red Flames, according to the national council of women unequally and unfairly treated, but that is not all that. The belgian football association is investing a lot in women’s football. That budget has over the past five years fivefold, while the Red Flames actually have very little to generate income. That means we are so elsewhere.”

“Also, the premiums for the Red Flames more than doubled since the european CHAMPIONSHIPS last year. They are now again on the way to a european CHAMPIONSHIP, perhaps there is also an economically more cost-effective evolution. The differences in the parameters with the Red Devils are too large. The women deliver too little visibility, return, television rights, etc.

“There is a lot invested in women’s football. As a result, for the past four years, there are 15.000 players have been added. The girls who want to play football now have more opportunities, better conditions and a better mentor,” says Van Loock.

When the Norwegian football association in October announced that the ladies are now subject to the same premiums paid would get to the men, responded to men in Belgium according to the national council of women is rather feeble to argue that there are already a lot of money from the men to the women is flowing. The comparison metNoorwegen, where the women football as much earning as their male colleagues, is not, according to Van Loock. “Women’s football in Norway is a lot more popular. That is already for decades a lot closer to the mannenvoetbal than here. In Norway, football is also not the first sport in Belgium.”

“I do believe that there is still a serious groeimarge in the Belgian women’s football. Will ever that the mannenvoetbal approach. The general public turns more and more of the machismo, racism and supportersgeweld. Women’s football is more a sympathy win. That is proved at the recent european CHAMPIONSHIPS. There was really a very family atmosphere and you could without any fear to a good the game could look,” says Van Loock.

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