Astrid Coppens with rapper in the desert

17d9ffd75faf1e49a16c6a088e019235 - Astrid Coppens with rapper in the desert

In the second episode of Bartel in the Wild makes Bartel getting ready for a trip through the desert. Guests know each other from her or plume. Astrid Coppens and Willie Gibberish are invited by Bartel together the Moroccan desert to traverse. Although there is little overlap between the Dutch rapper and the Antwerp model from LA, they have already one thing in common: a slangenfobie. It will be 72 hours, full of contrasts. From chilly nights to hot days. Enjoy quiet, long walks to lie awake at night of immense snoring. Bartel shows his guests a taste of an authentic desert meal : boiled schapenkop.

Monday 12 February to 20u35 on FOUR

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