ANC decides today about future Zuma

d88ebf6c0828154d9f8e7bf391915953 - ANC decides today about future Zuma

The African National Congress is losing its patience with president Jacob Zuma. The 75-year-old anti-apartheidsstrijder, which since 2009 is in power, is under heavy pressure to resign because he is named in numerous corruption cases.

Zuma’s second term as president does not end until the middle of next year and it is not clear whether he is prepared without a blow earlier on.

Today meet the board of the ANC on the matter, announced party leader Cyril Ramaphosa yesterday in a speech on the occasion of the hundredth birthday of Nelson Mandela, the country’s first black president. He added that the departure of Zuma in an orderly way must be arranged.


Zuma was in 1959 at the age of 17 member of the ANC. He took an active part in the armed struggle against the apartheid regime. That earned him a sentence of ten years in prison. He sat out his sentence on robben island along with Mandela. Upon his release in 1973, resumed he the battle. Not again in the prison, to end up, he left in 1975 the country. His exile would be fifteen years.

Together with Mandela and Thabo Mbeki introduced Zuma to the negotiations with the white regime, about the end of apartheid. When Mandela, in 1999, retiring from politics was Mbeki as president and Zuma as vice president.

Shortly afterwards it became known that he bribe from a French wapenbedrijf would have received. Mbeki dismissed him from his office. But Zuma came back. The charges were withdrawn, which he in 2009 candidate for the presidency.

The smeergeldaffaire was at the end of last year, however, reopened. In december he became party leader replaced by Ramaphosa. Since then, it is clear that his days in power end.

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