Also Esther and Tim Blind Married

fa4499645bdc17b42234e56b1541b39f - Also Esther and Tim Blind Married

“Allé, I’m curious what it’s going to give,” said Tim during their company, smiling at his new wife Esther. The ice was broken and she felt immediately at ease with him. “The first time I was immediately relieved. I felt that it was important that click there would be. Both physical attraction as a real click, and who was there. That I was immediately comfortable with him, I feel that it is good. I look forward to the period ahead. Let us but on honeymoon leave and enjoy”.

Also Tim was enthusiastic: “I do not fall on a specific type, but I immediately thought: Esther I can see, that comes here is very good. I noticed immediately that they have a smooth babbler and I am also a fairly social man, so it was immediately easy to talk to.”

The continues? Blind Married, next Monday on tv.

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