Will and Grace are dating the same man

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On TLC you can watch Will & Grace and that is a real winner.

An apartment, their best friends and the same sense of humor… That Will and Grace to share everything, obviously. Yet there is even something that they share, while they themselves do not know. And what is that? A man!
In the new episode of Will & Grace, will be seen on Tuesday 13 February at 20:35 hours, they meet during a cooking class with the charismatic ‘Bad Boy, or Bread’ Jackson. Both of them are quite charmed by the baker and save at the dating.

When Jackson at Will has slept and in the morning the living room will, Will and Grace find out that they have a crush on the same man. They try to themselves to convince that they have no problem with the same man to be dating, but what does this mean for their friendship? The role of Jackson will be filled by Nick Offerman (known as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation and the husband of Megan Mullally).

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