Who is the Mole: a disorganized chaos

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Note: this seriesblog contains spoilers! – Episode 6 of Who is the Mole? starts comfortably at the breakfast table, where the candidates enjoy chatting about who the program is going to win. Not much later, the five of us in colorful clothing in an abandoned hotel. The participants will each receive a bunch of keys of hotel rooms, and then Olcay, Simone, john and Stine to be locked up. The treasurer, still Reuben, can walk freely. It is not difficult to imagine: the hysterical four that is crying or being delivered may be, and then as lunatics by the hotel to run in the lot of money or jokers. It is once again a disorganized chaos…

In a pleasant Georgian village is Art, and riding in a white car. The participants with the following command three families help move. In thirty minutes time they can be up to 1500 euro to earn as much as possible stuff to load. But, as expected, there is a snag, because guess what? The small cars are almost falling apart! Jan knows however much to pack, while Reuben sits to loiter with a strap. In the meantime, Olcay in his neck, panting, and she emphasizes that he should hurry.

Not what it seems, because while everyone is preparing for the new contract, the time for the test. That we had not seen coming. The are three commands? Stine puts on her black exemption, and Art tells the group that everyone is equal. With the last command, all participants are in to the next episode and that leads everyone to a lot of confusion.


The verhuisopdracht. It looks hilarious from: the bulging, broken cars which the candidates about a bumpy way to the new address. Jan, who with French doors, an attempt to do so a couple of chairs on his roof to control and Reuben, who with a singing Georgian co-driver, is doing his best to Jans oncoming cars to dodge. And all of that, while Olcay here at the rear skips.


During the assignments, we could of course look at the Mol-actions.

In job 1: Stine and Simone bring no money in. Stine has very long been stuck and doesn’t seem very its best to do have to be found. While the other candidates like madmen through the building running, Stine nowhere to be found. Suspicious…

Assignment 2: Ruben don’t know how he a strap should attach, which takes a lot of time. Then he very casually about, as if he intentionally did it.

Assignment 3: Stine and Olcay are not really in the lesson, as they have a couple of questions wrong. That can of course happen, but it is particularly striking that Olcay the question about its inclusion is not well, while that was a lot of impact on her.


The end. At the last job candidates can the screens play, which they are. This does anyone, except Simone, but her screen is green! So there is no one, and we are not much wiser.

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