Victoria Beckham: there will be no Spice Girls tour

6583f37c5f407b45c709b790fca4fa50 - Victoria Beckham: there will be no Spice Girls tour

There is a lack of clarity as to the tourplannen of the Spice Girls. Against Vogue UK Victoria Beckham to know that there wasn’t a tour. The fashion icon did her statements in New York.

Victoria is in the United States due to a presentation of her new collection. “I’m not going to go on tour and the girls too not”, said the wife of David Beckham. Last week, it became clear that the members of the group, a reunion preparations. There would be plans for a tour through the United Kingdom and the United States.

Posh Spice told in New York that she really liked everyone again spoken to and that there is spoken about all kinds of things that they could do. “We were brainstorming,” she said about that. “But this is what I do”, she decided, pointing to the pieces of clothing from her new collection on Sunday, is presented.

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