US-Korea buy historical epic about Frisian hero

cfe1d0625210e33f8bb93cc445cca98f - US-Korea buy historical epic about Frisian hero

The historical epic Redbad of director Roel Reiné is all before the movie is ready, it is sold to a large number of countries, including the U.S. and Korea.

Redbad will the coming year continue to be seen in, in any case, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Japan. “It is unique for a Dutch film that had so many countries and the film rights purchases on the basis of the script and a montage of raw images,” says producer Klaas de Jong.

The film is about the Frisian hero Radboud, played by Gijs Naber, who in the early middle Ages with the help of the Vikings struggle waged against the christians, who their faith with a firm hand upon the low countries. The recordings took place in Eindhoven, on the island of Ameland and in Belgium, Germany and Denmark.

For the film, according to producer De Jong a record number of extras used. In total, reported more than ten thousand people to be in one of the action scenes to play. Redbad is from the end of June in the Dutch cinemas.

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