Tonight in Taboo

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These are tonight’s guests at Taboo with Philippe Geubels:

People who are blind are born, or whose vision in their life so strongly deteriorates that they are, after all, nothing more to see, or are often very dependent on others for their lives. In a world where the visual is so important, is blind or visually impaired are a particularly severe restriction. Those who were blind was born, looking often for more, while people who are blind to be a process of mourning are going through.

Julius (68) was blind at a time when people still believed that a visual impairment is a punishment from God. He has many years ashamed of and his blindness to the outside world, often hidden. The real taboo lies, according to him, in to admit that your help can use. But in the meanwhile he has the skill of the blind are sturdy and proud under the knee.

Ruben (38) has the same disease as Julius: retinitis pigmentosa. That means that he slowly blind, but at this point, he’s still a little bit. He has very long struggled with his white stick. That use was to admit that he has a limitation.

Sacha (47) is blind since birth and sees what he can independently as a victory. He is a translator and interpreter by training and is active as a musician. Yet, he experiences that it is very difficult to as a blind person in a sighted world full.

Rik (65) was on a unlikely way blind. His one eye he lost when a vegetable knife in ended up during an argument with his brother. The other he played a few years later lost when his uncle there with a slingshot, a stone in his lap. Despite that setback is Rik happy in life. He works at the customs, discjockey in his spare time and knows all of music.

Stéphanie (24) studied law and is severely visually impaired. They experience as a visually impaired person often positive discrimination, and that feel not always good. Further has bad see also fine consequences. Contacts with people for its especially intense because they are always to a large extent to them indulging.

Taboo, Sunday night at 20.30 hrs on One.


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