Thousands of the streets against racism

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MACERATA – Thousands of people are in the Italian city of Macerata, the street merged to demonstrate against racism. There opened a man a week ago, the fire on African migrants. Also in other places in the country were such events.

Italians and migrants demonstrated Saturday they to they. They wore in Macerata under more banners with slogans against violence and racism. Italian media reports that, according to the organizers 30,000 people participated in the demonstration. The authorities have not confirmed.

Some of the protesters had red, heart-shaped balloons are included with the names of victims of the shooting, in which six people were injured. The shooter was reportedly furious at the death of an eighteen-year-old woman. Her body parts were in Macerata found in suitcases. The police arrested later a Nigerian suspect.

Over the past few years, hundreds of thousands of migrants per boat arrived in Italy. That has led to social unrest.

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