The Luizenmoeder 4.7 million times

f6331aa283a673bf48c46713ad2c3e1d - The Luizenmoeder 4.7 million times

The comic series The Luizenmoeder remains also during the week a lot of people hooked. Watched last week on Sunday NPO 3 almost 3.5 million people, with the numbers of delayed viewing there are even 4.7 million. It means a new kijkcijferrecord for the series about elementary school Ivy.

The Luizenmoeder began a month ago with less than a million viewers, and that there were already relatively many for a program on NPO 3. The series, written by Ilse Warringa (mrs. Ank), and Henry van Loon (concierge), with the week better viewed when it comes to linear look.

The record of delayed viewing was last week placed: looked one and a half million people, the third installment terugkeken. That number is the fourth episode just not met.

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