Temptress Yana get on with Temptation Island

22c89b13e471a50f20448177288ee224 - Temptress Yana get on with Temptation Island

The creators of Temptation Island will have a spoiler of vengeance revealed. The Ostend Yana Daems will soon leave the program. The 670cc breasts conditioned young lady was however doing well. “”Unfortunately, Yana Daems early to leave the island”, we read on the official Instagramaccount of Temptation Island. “She is, after consultation with the production for personal reasons earlier than expected from Thailand returned”, the press spokesperson of FIVE to The Newspaper to know. It is just guess work as to why Yana exit the application. It Was emotionally heavy? Yana will still have some episodes in Temptation Island. The chances are that there will be new people pops in Temptation Island. “Last year there were later new leaders in, who would you want to see this season?” they ask aloud on the same page.

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