School dismisses a teacher after she put her wedding pictures on Facebook has seen

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In the American city of Miami (Florida) is a commotion arose over the dismissal of a teacher. The woman was recently married to her friend, and had pictures of the wedding on Facebook posted. That was not to the liking of the strict catholic school where she worked.

Jocelyn Morffi, a teacher in the first grade of the Saint Peters and Paul Catholic School in Miami, claims that they last week Thursday dismissed is because she is a lesbian. ‘In their eyes I’m not the right type of catholic, because of the choice of my partner’, she wrote on social media.

A lot of parents were not delighted with the decision and protested Friday to the school. ‘We feel cheated’, says an outraged parent. “She was the best teacher you could wish for, and our children, everyone, every parent, everyone loved her. Many parents say they their child from school to take them if they do not return.’

Catholic church

Some parents also shared the letter in which they have been notified of the resignation of Morffi. There is no mention of her marriage or homosexuality. ‘Today we have a difficult but necessary decision made about mrs. Jocelyn Morffy, our teacher from the first grade’, is there to read. “They will no longer teach at this school. Know that the education of your child(ren) for us is of the utmost importance and that the coming days and weeks, their daily schoolroutine will not be interrupted. Mrs. Morffi’s replacement will soon be chosen.’

The director of the school with all the indignant parents spoken to. But he gave no reason for the dismissal, says one of the parents to the Miami Herald. The school would also not comment.

A spokeswoman for the archdiocese of Miami, the inrichtende macht (organising body of the school, says that Morffi fail to comply with its contract. “As a teacher in a catholic school to sign a contract, you will be required to the rules, procedures, teaching methods, and traditions of the catholic church to respect and honor,” says Mary Ross Agosta to the Miami Herald.

But also Agosta does not explicitly say that the teacher is fired because of her sexual orientation. “The archdiocese does not comment on personal matters.’

In 2015 the ban on gay marriage in Florida by the court lifted. But shortly after that statement reminded me of the archdiocese of all of its employees, so also teachers, to the internal rules: they must be catholic doctrine to follow, and behavior that it takes effect can sanctions lead.

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