Russian plane with 71 passengers crashed

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MOSCOW – A Russian plane with on board approximately seventy people crashed. The authorities have confirmed this. The Russian news agency Tass reports that there were no survivors.

The crash was probably caused by a collision with a helicopter from a Russian postal service. So reports the Russian news site Meduza. A witness says that the plane burned and crashed at the hamlet of Argoenova.

The plane took off from moscow Domodedovo airport in the Russian capital, Moscow, and was reportedly on the way to the town of Orsk, near the border with Kazakhstan. The aircraft reached an altitude of about 6.600 feet before the radar had disappeared.

It is a device of the type Antonov An-148 of airline Saratov Airlines. According to the news agency Sputnik, there were 65 passengers and six crew members onboard the aircraft.

The Ministry of Emergency situations would the rampplek have already been located, but rescuers meaning not yet arrived at the place where the plane would have crashed.

On Twitter to be the first (alleged) images of crash appeared.

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