Patient left in Belgian ambulance

d178762408af5802c9c15e5d50c166bc - Patient left in Belgian ambulance

LATEM A ambulancebestuurder has in Belgium a patient has left in his ambulance. The man was due to a collision in a panic fled, message broadcaster, VTM Sunday. The police grabbed him later on.

The driver of a commercial company for patient transport had Friday, a young woman picked up in the hospital of Leuven. He was to leave the barrier and damaged the front of his ambulance. The man would then in a panic hit and ended up his vehicle. He took the legs and left the patient behind.

The parents of the girl pitched alarm when their daughter came home. “Through our track and trace system, we saw that our ambulance stopped in Latem”, said the managing director of Ambulance Luc against VTM. He switched on the police, that the driver is tracked down. He was still in the vicinity of the ambulance.

A police spokeswoman said that the man struggling with mental health problems. “He was not under the influence of alcohol.” The ambulance services company, the patient has still to be carried home.

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