Oxfam now also discredited for parties with prostitutes in Chad

8a8ba571f9c8bca5f1303ff02008afb3 - Oxfam now also discredited for parties with prostitutes in Chad

Also in Chad would be employees of Oxfam prostitutes have paid for parties. That write The Observer on Sunday. The news comes just two days after a similar story emerged of Oxfam employees in Haiti. The events in Chad would have more than ten years ago occurred, when the Belgian Roland Van Hauwermeiren, the Oxfam operations in Chad led.

“Women, of which we thought that they were prostitutes were repeatedly invited to the Oxfam headquarters there,” says a contributor to The Observer, the Sunday paper of The Guardian. A leading specialist in 2006 dismissed, according to a former employee. “They invited women out for parties. We knew that they are not just friends, but something else.’

Yet according to former Oxfam employee makes the organization a fantastic job, but when it comes to a problem in the sector as a whole’.

Earlier became known that Van Hauwermeiren in 2011, resigned after he admittedly had prostitutes in his villa in Haiti were langsgeweest. Oxfam denied on Friday that the scandal wanted to bury, after the British newspaper The Times details about an internal investigation published.

Van Hauwermeiren, is a Belgian but worked in Haiti as country director of Oxfam in Haiti, said Stefaan Declercq, secretary-general of Oxfam Solidarity Belgium on Friday. “He had nothing to do with the Belgian branch of Oxfam, but I want me there too not behind hide.’

Monday to see representatives of the British government, in charge of Oxfam. “I will give them the opportunity to me personally to say what they have done after those events, and I’m going to see if they are the moral qualities that I think are necessary,” says Penny Mordaunt, minister for development cooperation. “If they don’t provide all the information, then I do not work more together with them.’

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