New attempted suicide Luc Bomans in the Home? Or was it euthanasia?

e190b1c059ada5a72cef67f4a3ad5d5a - New attempted suicide Luc Bomans in the Home? Or was it euthanasia?

A while ago it became known that Mark Willems at Home wants to leave. His character Luc Bomans is a long time in a wheelchair and Mark Willems should no longer be able to muster up that role to play. But how disappear Luc Bomans? That is the big question.

Luc Bomans wants his life to stop. Is this the start of a storyline around euthanasia, or will Luc’s new effort to get out of the life? Mark Willems debuted in the spring of 1996 in episode 65 of the Home, today Home delivery 4.360. That means that Mark Willems already has over 4,300 episodes in Home to see. But after more than 21 years, Mark Wilson has had enough. He went to his boss with the question of whether his character from the series could be written.

“Luc has shown tired of life – > out,” says Home-producer Hans Rays in The Latest News. “He said that his son now really arrived, and for him life completed should be”, going to Rays further. But how disappear Luc Bomans? Through euthanasia or try Luc Bomans for a second time from the life? This wants Hans-Rays, nothing is lost, it is certain that the departure of Luc Bomans, without a doubt, for the necessary emotions that will make the viewers at Home.

Of the current cast, in addition to Mark Wilson are still 5 people who since the beginning of Home play: Pol Goossen, Annick Segal, Monika Van Lierde, Marleen Merckx and Leah Thys.

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