Nathalie Meskens has a Romantic surprise for her fans

Nathalie Meskens has a Romantic surprise for her fans

Nathalie Meskens on February 13, in the Kursaal of Ostend, with its Meskens in Motown-tour. And on the occasion of Valentine’s day, she wants to there is a very special concert.

However, Nathalie Meskens not a big fan of Valentine’s day. But if they can sing, then it is all days, Valentine’s day, she says in The Latest News. Motown-music is 99% about love, says Nathalie Meskens, so her Motown tour attend fits perfectly within the idea of Valentine’s day. During her concert on February 13, provides them even a surprise. And it will be no cliché-surprise. Do you expect not to red hearts, balloons, or other romantic details. This is already enough romance in the music. But Nathalie Meskens want to make sure that the people who come to see a very special Valentine’s day experience. Nathalie Meskens said previously that they are on earth is to put people to touch, to touch and to please.

Nathalie herself has to work on Valentine’s day, so celebrate there for her. But that is not a problem, she says in The Latest News. Nathalie Meskens reveals that she’s not really romantic, is laid out. She has not much with Valentine’s day and the whole hype around it depends. “The fact is that for me all days, Valentine’s day, as long as I can sing,” says the leading lady of VTM in The Latest News.

And until the end of september runs its Meskens in Motown-tour yet so there still a lot of happy days for Nathalie Meskens, she beams. But what surprise Nathalie Meskens in store for her fans that the concert of 13 February, we will attend?

A surprise would be no surprise if you have in advance will let you in, so only the spectators will be there to witness. But they already have a (very obvious) tip. Nathalie Meskens loves singing and music, but does of course also of her partner, Nadim. He will cheer during her valentine concert? “That’s something only the audience can identify,” says Nathalie Meskens significant in The Latest News. That seems to us to be already a clear hint in which direction we surprise go to. Tickets for the concert, you can buy it on

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