Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin: Announced screen exit Stine?

0182ef7b5a7fdc66c2a45d48ae9d9f9b - Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin: Announced screen exit Stine?

Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin: Announced screen exit Stine?

Metro’s Constance van Amstel, and Erik Jonk track Who is the Mole. Constance looks for years, for Erik, this is his second season. Each week they discuss the broadcast in the column Mol-fan us. Mol-virgin.

Constance: So’n episode in which there is no-one to turn off, I hate it so. If I were an hour long for nothing have to sit and watch. What you?

Erik: a Little, yes… however, I found it exciting. Only I had you now like to be told who the Mole is. But I don’t know.

Constance: Everything this episode called ‘Stine is the mole!’, and I don’t know what it is, but I can still not believe that it is she. What is your feeling when Stine?

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Erik: Stine calls if they are found to be, Stine holt around like a filosoofkip without a head, Stine know of no single answer.

Constance: Haha, yes, exactly. Though it was crazy that Stine’s name as an option to see when Simone, the test had to click on who the mole is.

Erik: Hahaha, you saw that? I saw not agree that Olcay as a joke, a make-updoos showed instead of a black exemption. But it must be ‘just’ a testblunder, that Simone apparently didn’t see. You mean it really?

Constance: Yes. It may be a blunder of the montagemensen and that they accidentally made a screen of next week, which would mean that Stine is next time. But as far as I saw, was her name just disappeared; the screen was narrower than a normal screen and the name of Stine is listed alphabetically below.

Erik: That last one must be a hurry, well, bizarre! Can you offer me as a fan by the way tell me why four of the five participants (Olcay not) when the test suddenly all the jokers on the table throw?

Constance: Because you look like flies now larger. You don’t want with a joker in your pocket on the airport. A little bit in the context of the last coat has no pockets’, I think.

Erik: I notice it already, I am still not up to the advanced. But I keep brave full. For Ruben Hein, because that I trust for no meter. He wanted to without any reason, suddenly, the treasurer, can not spanbandje lash and I think he got 500 euros back printed. But it is mainly that head. Ruben has a mollenhoofd.


Constance: Ah, his head I find is just so innocent. With those puppy-eyes. But indeed, separate. Never is there anything with the treasurer on the basis and terms for two contracts in which this person is a ‘key role’ to play, requires a Reuben that role. Something else?

Erik: Yes, Jan Versteegh had to the quiz can arrange that also Stine its red or green screen, should have seen. He spared her. Would he still…?

Constance: No. Excluded. Jan was the mole. Can’t.

Erik: Nothing is what it seems, Constance.

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