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McLaren F1 team is open for return of Lewis Hamilton

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McLaren CEO Zak Brown admits that he is open to a return from Lewis Hamilton to his team.

The contract of Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes expires at the end of this year. Although everyone expected that he was at the German formation will continue to seem the negotiations on a new agreement to drag.

Team boss of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, now no worries and he considers a contract extension as a evidence.

“It is only a matter of time before we get the contract seal with a signature,” said the Austrian.

But, as long as the quadruple world champion’s signature is not placed, he remains free to talk to anyone. Bag Brown said casually that he had nothing at all against it would have to be Hamilton back at McLaren to welcome the team where it all began.

“I don’t think there is one team in the paddock is that would not like Hamilton for them to drive, not even we,” says Brown. “It would be great for the team, he has a history and he is good for our shareholders.”

If we Toto Wolff may believe they need in Woking is not too much illusions. He believes that Hamilton his career will finish at Mercedes and they are now already busy with his successor to search.

“We try to be the next Lewis Hamilton to be found to replace him when he is within six or seven years decides it’s been enough,” said Wolff. “In that quest we are all open, we find even in the kartingmilieu. We support an Italian boy of barely twelve years old and we enjoy doing that.”

“It’s getting the talent to recognize and it doesn’t matter what they are doing at the present time,” concluded the Austrian.

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