Lourdes is already seventieth miracle to

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The Southern French city of Lourdes may show off the seventieth miracle since the appearance in 1858 of the Virgin Mary to the now sacred declared Bernadette Soubirous.

The bishop of Beauvais, in the north of France, Sunday is the healing, in 2008, a nun, and severely disabled was, as a miracle labeled.

Sister Bernadette Moriau, born in 1939, was given from 1966 unexplained pain when she was 27 years old. Despite several surgical procedures, she could no longer work as a nurse and not a more normal walk.

In July 2008, the then 69-year-old nun participating in a pilgrimage in Lourdes, where they have the sacrament of the sick received. ‘When she was a few days later, back home, she felt suddenly an unusual feeling of peace and warmth in her body, ” says monsignor Jacques Benoît-Gonnin, bishop of Beauvais. On the same day ceased all medical treatments.

‘This sudden, complete and lasting cure remains still today unexplained according to our scientific knowledge, ” according to the text of the bishop. He considers the cure as ‘a miracle’ and ‘divine signal’.

It is the 70th miracle in Lourdes. The previous one dated from 2013.

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