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Lokeren pick up point in Charleroi

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After Club Brugge has also Charleroi with the points spilled. The Carolo’s were at the top of the best thing of the weekend to do, but in their own homes, they came no further than a 1-1 draw against Lokeren. The fourth tie in a row for the Zebras.

Charleroi could be a thing to do against Lokeren. By the loss of points of leader Club Brugge could be the Carolo’s the gap reduce to nine points and their lead over Anderlecht to increase to 4 points. But it had to or beyond their opponent’s reach. And leave it just the Waaslanders a team who are out performing better (17 to 36) than in the own stadium (10 to 39).

And that they at Lokeren on foreign fields in their sas feel, appeared already after three minutes. Debutant Cevallos opened well up in Hupperts and the Dutchman delivered the perfect cross for Steve De Ridder, who, just like in the first leg early could score against Charleroi.

SOS Charleroi, because by the 0-1 plooiden the visitors full back and had the home team after a quarter of an hour Ilaimaharitra saw out with an injury, look for the openings. But that is not really within the qualities of the Zebra and doelkansen came barely. Baby came after a half-hour close to a goal, but his header sailed with a bow on the purpose of Verhulst. Just before half-time was the goalkeeper of Lokeren also focused on a clashing shot from Hendricks.

Sunday Walk Benavente

If Charleroi is not in the same boat as Club Brugge and Anderlecht wanted to end up, had the rifle from the shoulder has to be changed in the second half. And that they did. After three minutes in the second half made Benavente a Sunday walk by the Wase defense, but his subtle hint was not hard enough to Verhulst to outwit. Moreover, Söder are goalkeeper also help by getting the ball from the line. The pressure of Charleroi continued and the goal was inevitable. After 53 minutes brought Fall the signs balanced on the cross of Rezaei.

By the fall of snow was an orange ball is used. And yes, suddenly came Lokeren popping up for the purpose of Penneteau. Cevallos tried a vluchtschot, but in the snow went for the ball for an attempt at goal. Two minutes later, threw Hupperts only a few centimeters apart.

Work for the goalies

The Lokers, the intermezzo, however, was of short duration. The visitors were careless, but Charleroi was not sharp enough in the finish to punish. All had ten minutes before time, Rezaei were allowed to score when he with a blessing only for the purpose careless about kicked. Not two minutes later had to Verhulst a free-kick from Bedia from his goal of boxing.

In the slotminuten was actually Lokeren that is still extracted with a slotoffensiefje. With included a great opportunity for The Knight. But Penneteau pulled out all the stops to shot from target to hovering. On the other side was the goalkeeper in the slotminuten still at work. Bedia turned pretty freely, and, the closest angle, but Verhulst was pal.

A goal came not there anymore. And how to play Charleroi for the fourth time in a row the same. Therefore it can not take advantage of the loss of points of leader Club Brugge. It runs a point further out on the closest competitor Anderlecht, which is now two points follows.

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