Kim Cattrall: ’I don’t need your hypocritical support not, SJP’

f34ddcb96af9c07ae6dbef9afd852f54 - Kim Cattrall: ’I don't need your hypocritical support not, SJP’

It was already clear that Kim Cattrall is not the best of friends with former Sex And The City colleague Sarah Jessica Parker. Now she has that everyone clearly made with a hard hitting post on Instagram.

After the death of her missing brother Chris seemed Cattrall peace to have been concluded with all of her SATC co-workers. She thanked them specifically for their support after the death of her brother. Obviously, it now appears that that acceptance speech was NOT aimed at Sarah Jessica Parker. “I have your love or support is not needed in this tragic time, Sarah Jessica Parker”, post them in a photo.

If it is not already evident, its accompanying text, it still clearer. “My mother asked me today:” When will that Sarah Jessica Parker, hypocritical woman, you just leave?’. Me still trying to approach, reminds me painfully how cruel you really are. Let me make this VERY clear, if I not already had done.” And then she writes for the eye of all of its more than half a million followers: “You are not my family. You’re not my friend. So I ask you now one more time to stop exploiting our tragedy for your own ’sweet girl’image to restore it.”


The SATC star, referring yet again to the article that stood at the cradle of the feud between the two; the article in the New York Times in which Parker declared not guilty up to the point, but that they are severely disappointed was that there was no third film of the popular series. They had no one to blame, point; did media, that soon the articles came that the to the many demands from Cattrall would be that the movie didn’t come through.

Cattrall responded already furious because ” the only requirement that they ever proposed’ all in 2016 was in the second film, namely the requirement that there is no third movie would come out. She has her ex-colleague and friend in the series until the day of today is clearly not forgive her the black piet toespeelde. The razor-sharp post delivered her almost 43,000 likes on of her fans.

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