Karen Damen flashes tear away at this plate

161986a039c8866173b194380a09eaf6 - Karen Damen flashes tear away at this plate

“Accordion is to start with one of my favorite instruments”, began to Karen and her story when Kris asked if a particular number to her in the past. “I see myself still sitting at home in the apartment in the corner next to the cabinet where the box hung. I get of Biscaya from James Last still a craw in my throat, because that me is so reminiscent of the past, almost even a previous life. That is, as something weird. That’s why I decided to make my dad take me to the altar to bring on this song in Ibiza. I thought the whole time: I’m not going to cry. But I already started to cry when the song just got up. And everyone around me,” laughed Karen. Sunday morning at Fool Turned, the program of Kris Wauters.

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