Iranian president Rohani calls for ‘year of unity’

1c388c02689a64c634930f064fa7647a - Iranian president Rohani calls for ‘year of unity’

The Iranian president Hassan Rohani has its population on Sunday called for a ‘year of unity’, after the protests around the new year’s period, against the Iranian leaders, the economic difficulties and corruption.

“I ask that the 40th anniversary of the islamic revolution, the coming year, a year of unity for the conservatives, reformers, moderates, all the parties’, said Rohani during a large gathering in Tehran, where the 39th anniversary of the fall of the shah was celebrated.

The president called out the conservatives on the candidacies of reformers in the next election, do not block. “We have to have confidence in the people, and all currents participating in the elections,” says Rohani. “During the past 39 years we have progress achieved in different domains, but at the same time, there are also defects.” The equable considered Rohani leads Iran since 2013.

According to the authorities, there were 25 deaths in violence in the margin of such demonstrations.

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