“House of Cards”actor Reg E. Cathey died

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Actor Reg E. Cathey, best known for his role as restaurant owner Freddy Hayes in “House of Cards”, has died at the age of 59. The news was disclosed by David E. Simon, creator of the prestigious series “The Wire”, which Cathey also played a role. Typical Cathey was his deep voice.

“Not just a good masterful actor, but simply one of the most blissful people with whom I have many long days on set spent”, tweette Simon. Actor Samuel L. Jackson called him a “brilliant actor, humorist and friend”.

Cathey would lung cancer have had, but the cause of his death is not yet published. In 2015, it won Cathey an Emmy for his role in “House of Cards”. The main character Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, is regular ribs food at “Freddy’s”.

In “The Wire” he played Norman Wilson, a journalist who switched over to politics. Also in “The Corner”, an earlier series of Simon, he had already seen. In addition, he also played in the series “Law & Order”, “30 Rock” and in films such as “Fantastic Four” and “Hands of Stone”.

In an interview with The Guardian, in 2016, he said that his career only really started after the election of Barack Obama, because the people only the idea of an eloquent black man could accept.

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