First interview with son Michael Douglas after imprisonment

8ef7450c3d70a6704e0518a23331f717 - First interview with son Michael Douglas after imprisonment

The son of the renowned filmlegende Michael Douglas has his first interview given to the Daily Mail, after he in 2016 early from prison was released.

“My family is always there for me,” says Cameron. Not only does father Michael Douglas, but also his equally famous wife, actress Catherine Zeta Jones. “She never gives up, whatever is in its path, and so gave them to me also. The love of my family has me by my darkest days helped.”

It must be a remarkable sight, in the grey bezoekkamer of the prison, where criminals not only for drugs but also for robbery, rape and murder. “That was a surreal moment,” says Cameron, feeling that he had when he bezoekkamer binnenschuifelde, and both of them saw there sit.

Black sheep

With Kirk Douglas as a grandfather, the hero of the film Spartacus, Michael as the father and the good looks of both of them, would he, as writes the Daily Mail, easy access is obtained to the world of the celebrities. But yet, he was throughout his adult life the black sheep of the family. The reputation of his grandfather and father, was a great struggle for young Cameron, for example, wrote Page Six previously as a result of the book that Cameron is planning to write about his lonely years in prison.

Newspapers copts ever about his arrests for drugs and his trips to afkickklinieken. In 2010, he was sentenced to five years in prison because of the marketing of crystal meth and possession of heroin. In 2011, it was that imprisonment has almost doubled, because he tried selling drugs to other prisoners. Could it even worse?


At the time of the interview with the Daily Mail, there is, however, a rejuvenated Cameron, clean and nchter, accompanied by his Brazilian girlfriend Viviane Thibes and their recently born daughter Lua Izzy. Also his girlfriend has him assisted, and their love was greater when they had contact through letters. In the garden of his serene furnished rental house in the Hollywood hills, replete with buddha statues, thank you, in addition to his family also are a yoga teacher, that his life be again steadily helped to build.

“I know how much luck I have that I sit here and you can talk”, he tells the reporter of the British newspaper, while his labrador Truck stroke his head. “When that cell door dichtklapte on the first night of my confinement, I felt like I was in a nightmare sat and each time woke up could be. But the dream became worse and worse. Seven years I was in a nightmare lived, but the love of my family loved never.”

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