Fans may Braboneger keep calling

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Steven Brunswick is not a problem as his fans Braboneger continue to call. That he has in a video message said. A few days ago announced the comedian to stop his popular character created.

Because according to him a lot of commotion among his fans was made Steven the video message. “I’ve never had any problems with that name.” he let the viewers know. “So if you want to continue to call, feel free.”

The comedian explained again why he is the Braboneger stops. Then, he assured his fans that nothing is going to change. “The jokes remain under Steven Brunswijk as hard. I keep the border to look up”, he promised.

Steven left last week to know that he stops with the Braboneger because he, according to his own words, ” the character created was outgrown. He also noticed that there uncomfortable was responded to the Braboneger and that he wanted to no longer.

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