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Eli Iserbyt wins in the promises in Hoogstraten despite “odd” restart, Sieben Wouters remains the leader in the Superprestige

6e5877f4c98934d24039e67d1aff9697 - Eli Iserbyt wins in the promises in Hoogstraten despite “odd” restart, Sieben Wouters remains the leader in the Superprestige

The 20-year-old Eli Iserbyt Sunday in Hoogstraten the seventh and penultimate round of the Superprestige at the promises won. The world champion wanted his rainbow jersey and show off, and chose, therefore, to get the game to work on the promises instead of the elite. Thijs Aerts was in the shadow of the auction halls second for the Dutchman Jens Dekker.

For Iserbyt was his second victory in as many days. He won Saturday even though the Krawatencross in Lille. In the position of the Superprestige continues the Dutchman Sieben Wouters leader with 78 points. Adam Toupalik is second (72) and Dutchman Jens Dekker (69) third. Show Vandebosch follows with 62 points in fourth place.

The promises were, after a first false start, then finally to their contest start. It was Belgian champion Thijs Aerts, who immediately took the head. To Eli Iserbyt quite quickly, the command took over. The soldiers Jens Dekker and Adam Toupalik joined forces and went on the hunt for the world champion but would never join. To Thijs Aerts his second breath in and found on and about the two team mates went. Iserbyt was no longer in trouble and got separated by almost half a minute ahead of Thijs Aerts.

“That restart, I found a bit weird. At the first start blew someone on a whistle and everyone left even though were the start lights still on red. But why did that take so much time before the board made a decision to reboot? I don’t get it. For the rest no problem. I win here again”, laughed Eli Iserbyt.

Dutch victory in juniors

When the juniors took the victory to the Dutchman, Ryan Camp. Five riders, Niels Vandeputte, Xander Geysels, the Dutch Pim Ronhaar, Ryan Camp, and the Czech Tomas Kopecky, colored the competition. Ronhaar accelerated and together with Vandeputte and Camp they went to as leaders for the final lap. Ultimately it was Ryan Camp strength.

He had won all the crosses in the Dutch Casting, and Ruddervoorde, and is the new leader in the standings of the world cup with 96 points. The Czech Tomas Kopecky follow with two points less after his name on the second place. Dutchman Pim Ronhaar scored in total 76 points and is third. Best Belgian was Jarno Bellens with a fourth place. He collected 65 points.

Fourteenth seizoenzege for novice Coremans

When the rookie was Dante Coremans, the strongest. It was his fourteenth seizoenzege. Coremans had a tough customer to his team-mate Salvador Alvarado. It was the former the Dutchman still behind them. Lennert Belmans usurped the third place. For the newbies, there is no classification for the Superprestige.

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