Ed Sheeran at the Olympics

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For the first time in history the figure skaters and ijsdansers at the Olympic Games use of music with lyrics. There is going to be made use of according to Billboard. So there came in the Gangneung Ice Arena all songs along Ed Sheeran and the Rolling Stones.

The international schaatsbond ISU has the rules around the music recently adapted. That happened to a younger audience. Where previously only classical music or jazz was used, sound now sometimes modern pop songs about the every ten square metres.

On social media, it was immediately noted that something with the music for figure skating was changed. That was the German Paul Fentz. Who did his freestyle to the sounds of Wonderwall, the famous song from Oasis. He had, however, for the ‘jazzy’version of Paul Anka chosen. That was, for a while, the call of the day on Twitter. A twitterer commented, surprised that she didn’t even know that cover existed. “Fascinating, the things you discover when you go to the Games are watching.”

But the fun for music lovers, was not over yet. A Canadian pair skated on a cover of With Or Without You by U2 and a fellow countryman, did his freestyle to the sounds of the rockballad Dust In The Wind by Kansas. French participants were Ed Sheeran Make It Rain in the past. Two couples ventured to Despacito, but a Canadian ijsdanspaar harnessed the crown with a mix of Sympathy For The Devil (Rolling Stones), Hotel Carlifornia The Eagles and Oye Como Va from Santana.

The olympic tournament has only just begun and there will be many more pophits in the past, expected Billboard.

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