Dead and wounded by stabbing in a shopping mall

9fc31908d10d89966bb27af4e8b0e502 - Dead and wounded by stabbing in a shopping mall

BEIJING – at least one person is to the life by a knifing incident in a shopping mall in the Chinese capital Beijing. Three men and nine women were wounded. People beat according to witnesses, in a panic on the flight when the man around to put out.

The police arrested on the spot a suspect. He knew the culprit, message Xinhua news agency. The 35-year-old man, the attack would have to run due to “personal grievances”, according to the police, who are not in the details.

The stabbing led to chaotic situations. People stormed for the exits and employees locks rolling shutters of shops. “I heard screams but had no idea what was going on,” said a waitress at the newspaper South China Morning Post. “It was chaos.”

A woman died after the stabbing in the hospital. None of the other victims would be in danger. It is still unclear whether they were injured during the stabbing, or while they tried to flee.

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