David and Victoria Beckham do not want a reality show

a63800883b6f3d5bba5f4730aed036cb - David and Victoria Beckham do not want a reality show

David and Victoria Beckham feel there is nothing to follow in the footsteps of the Kardashians. A spokesperson of the family speaks against the Daily Mirror rumors that there is a reality show comes around, the family of the Beckhams.

“David and Victoria are committed to the protection of their private life at home and keep this strictly separate from their public life”, said a spokesman for the Beckhams.

The parents of three sons and a daughter, according to the rumors with E! Entertainment, the Us producer of 14 seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, in conversation, have been on a reality show. It would be the perfect time for such a program. Ex-footballer David begins a new adventure as the owner of his own professional club in Miami and Victoria picks with the other Spice Girls, her singing career again, though there will be a tour, according to her, no question.

A previous attempt for a reality show picked up for Victoria are not very good. NBC took out in 2007 Victoria Beckham: Coming to America soon of the pipe due to disappointing ratings.

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