Cath Luyten and Ian Thomas in Control Pedro

2b28a13933fa2e4c8946774468789040 - Cath Luyten and Ian Thomas in Control Pedro

Control Pedro waxt his board and surf the wed night race with his dudes along wonderful www. Because Who else Warns our youth of the dangers of a hacked webcam? Who else is looking for the most useful tutorials from and who else dares his panelists questions to a digital tongdraai. And then Cath Luyten its software is still pulling! During her searches on the web, she discovered reflectoporn. Man band? Look! Also for an unexpected imitation by Ian Thomas, the bits and bytes in Jelle De Beule, and the special navel-gift of Jens Dendoncker. And then dive Siri suddenly, in the studio. In the flesh still. Siri-eus.

Control Pedro, Monday to 21u35 on FOUR

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