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Van der Poel returned to mental peace and takes “pleasing” victory, Van Aert saw but hopes for a speedy recovery

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Mathieu Van der Poel with an impressive onemanshow in Lille the world cup debacle of Valkenburg flushed. And or the virtue did, found the Dutchman. World champion Wout van Aert was able to after a week’s holiday in his own Lille no further than eighth place and hopes for a speedy recovery.

“It was a technical and fast circulation. A course I like,” said winner Mathieu Van der Poel after the end. “If this now feels like revenge? That is said a lot. This victory does nothing to rectify the situation. After the world cup I had a moment of mental stillness is required. But now I’m back and this victory has virtue.”

The Dutchman struggled last week with abdominal pain which he’s not at the start appeared in Maldegem. But there it was in Lille, but only a few of brands. “I wasn’t super sick”, he said. “Just not one hundred percent. But I wanted to especially do not force it to the upcoming matches and my first mountain BIKE race in South Africa not to compromise. Now I want a beautiful end to my season to knit. Physically and mentally I feel like I am in any case ready to there are still a couple of weeks in earnest.”

Wout van Aert (8th): “Really apart”

Wout van Aert was expecting the cross is not ranked top in his own Lille. And he proved to be an excellent predictor. After a week’s holiday in Spain with his girlfriend Sarah, he came for his own people does not go beyond an eighth place, less than 1’48” by Mathieu Van der Poel.

“It was not realistic to join here to do for the win,” he said afterwards. “I especially try to enjoy it, but actually did it to a lot of pain for them to enjoy.”

In the initial phase drove From Aert still in the forefront. “But I felt quickly that I not had the strength to do it. There fell quickly holes, and as the match head, I got that not more dichtgereden. This result is the highest possible.”

Tomorrow start Wout van Aert in Hoogstraten on his last cyclocross of the season. “Today, I really apart, but I hope for improvement tomorrow. Not that I suddenly, for the victory would go. But I want to be with a better outcome my season shut down.”

Tim Merlier (2nd): “Second stage in a week”

Wout van Aert was not at home for its own people. Fortunately for Crelan-Charles showed Tim Merlier his excellent form of recent weeks. After a sprint-à-deux with Laruens Sweeck, he won the battle for second place.

“He tried me in the last corners still to solve, but that didn’t work out. I was completely on the limit to drive. But solve, I didn’t want with the sprint coming up. However, he is also fast at the finish, so completely sure of the second place, I was not at all.”

Eventually he took it easy in the sprint. “My second podium in a week’s time. That is great. Or there is still something more in the next career? This drive Mathieu to quickly. I hope to have a few podium finishes. That would all be nice.”

Laurens Sweeck (3rd): “Attempts have not been successful”

Laurens Sweeck tried in the last round of the intrinsically faster Tim Merlier still to solve. “But these attempts have not yielded”, he said. In the slotspurt he was beaten, but with the third place he could get peace.

“I felt also not the strongest. I wanted Merlier with a long sprint to try to outwit, but eventually he went easy on. But here I’ve seen that my condition is still good. I do not feel too fresh, but I stand on the podium and that is most important.”

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