Turkish police takes 48 suspected members of IS on at raids

In the Turkish cities of Ankara and Istanbul, the police 48 suspected members of Islamic State (IS) arrested. Among them there are 31 foreigners. They are suspected that they are terrorist attacks were preparing for. It reports the Turkish news agency andalusian region.

The Turkish police attacked Friday night, within six addresses in Istanbul and up 31 foreigners. The nationality of the foreigners was not released. The police suspects them that they are an attack prepared. The raids were the digital evidence and documents collected.

In Ankara took the security services a further 17 suspected members of IS on. Also they would have been busy with the preparation of an attack. When that would take place, did the police not.

Over the past three years has BEEN multiple attacks committed in Turkey, where hundreds of deaths. According to the Turkish authorities there are more than 1.350 suspected members of IS in the country.

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