Trump refuses Democratic memo release

1c03cd2efc4da89704966f676f102acc - Trump refuses Democratic memo release

In the Russia study will US president Donald Trump, a memo from the Democrats from the inlichtingencommissie of the House of Representatives will not release.

He can’t currently, because there is in the document numerous as secret, classified, and ‘particularly sensitive’ passages, sounds, in a letter of Trumps lawyer, that Friday night (local time) the public was made.

Because of the considerable public interest, ordered the president, however, that the ministry of Justice are available to help to offer if the inlichtingencommissie the document one more time want to rework.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives wanted to the document release, to counter a previous, Republican memo. That memo gave Trump do free. The memo caused a considerable fuss. In big lines, it comes down to the federal police to questionable methods as to an ex-campagneadviseur of Trump to let bespionneren. With the publication would be the accusation of partiality against Trump in the Russia-research emphasizes.

The Russia-research focuses on possible agreements between the campaign team of Trump and Moscow during the elections of 2016. Aim would have been to have the result to affect. Also, it is examined whether Trump has tried to research it to thwart.

The Democrats say that the document of the Republicans is incomplete and misleading. They insisted, therefore, on their version of the facts to be able to give.

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