Trump blocks release of ’sensitive’ memo

24b062e524804043f512b8f0eaa5cda4 - Trump blocks release of ’sensitive’ memo

WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump may be due to a number of “confidential and particularly sensitive passages” the ‘tegenmemo’ of the Democrats, not the public. That let the White House know the inlichtingencommissie of the U.s. House of Representatives.

The commission decided rather unanimously to the document. There was approval of president Trump, who is now a stick for sticks.

The memo is a response to a four page document of the Republicans that previously provided by Trump, however, has been released. In it, the federal criminal police, FBI and the ministry of Justice, among other things, accused a judge to have misled in order to get permission to do the spying on a campagnemedewerker of president Donald Trump.

The Democrats found that performance was incorrect and incomplete. With the release of the new document, they want the claims to refute.

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