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“There needs to be clarity about F1-reglementswijzigingen in 2021”

3e5c9a73802094727ea073909cd3191a - “There needs to be clarity about F1-reglementswijzigingen in 2021”

McLaren CEO Zak Brown believes that Liberty media as soon as possible made tea should pay about the F1 regulations after 2020, this to political games to avoid.

Slowly but surely begins Liberty Media to make its mark on the Formula 1. So far, it’s only small things such as changing the start time of the races or the fact that we had to say goodbye to the grid girls.

After the season 2020 want the Americans, however, larger reglementswijzigingen to make, in the motor area and in the area of finance. It is expected that this year a few important knots to be made.

The first proposal that Ross Brawn to the teams has done was certainly not cheering welcome. Ferrari boss Sergio Marchionne is threatening even the sport to leave if that is the chosen path. Bag Brown believes that the Formula 1 clarity, be sure to create precisely this kind of political games to avoid.

“It is certainly still a lot of work, the negotiation for after 2020,” says Brown. “I think they are on commercial terms on the right way. They will certainly still make mistakes, but it would not be fair to expect them everywhere, ten on ten will score. They will still have dues to pay but I am happy about the things that they try.”

“I think the FIA and Liberty Media must ensure that they have clear job and the negotiations can quit because it will be difficult conversations, so much longer that they take so much to tense is the atmosphere.”

“We have to be well prepared for 2021 because there will be new manufacturers and new teams. We all know that a few years before you are ready to step really to convert so I would logically find we had halfway through the season to know where we stand. If it would take longer is it on a technical level, quite a challenge.”

The new engines are Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari to agree that they are not satisfied with the proposal. Another thorny issue, namely the budgetplafond, makes for division between the various teams.

“Liberty Media has the teams an idea of where it wants to go, not in detail but they have a general image of egypt,” Brown continues. “The engines, the budgetplafond and the distribution of income, which are the three things of which we are aware. About the distribution of income, we know not yet what it will look like.”

The American will find that the F1 really work should make the distribution of income.

“I have absolutely nothing against that there are people who earn more than others. However, We have to make sure that they can not to cause a gap to store with the other teams like that now,” concludes Brown.

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