Student wants to action Woody Allenklas stop

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A student of the University of California in San Diego has almost 15,000 signatures collected by a petition in which he asks a special filmklas about Woody Allen to stop. The course is since the early nineties, offered. But now the integrity of All discussion, the student it is inappropriate that the university has so much special attention to the filmmaker spends.

Dylan Farrow, the adoptiefdochter of All, accused Allen in an open letter to The New York Times of it her past in the attic and abused. It was not the first time that the children of his ex-wife Mia Farrow about people making such accusations. But in the long string of #MeToo-revelations have a lot of actors their hands of All deducted.

The director himself denies all the allegations. It is, however, still not clear whether the university, at the request of the filmklas to stop hearing. A spokesman late in the American media to know the request to view.

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