Second employee White House is moving on after accusations of domestic violence

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David Sorensen, a member of the White House, is moving on after accusations of domestic violence. He is the second employee, who will this week resign. President Trump defended the man: “he did his job very well’.

Sorensen took this week resigned after his ex-wife in The Washington Post had noted that they at the FBI with a complaint against him was filed. According to her, she was during their marriage physically and emotionally abused. She cites examples in which he with the car over her foot drove her against a wall, threw or a cigarette uitdoofde on her hand. Sorensen denies the allegations of domestic violence during the two-and-a-half-year marriage. He claims it is him on the other hand abused.

Vice-perssecretaris Raj Shah let in a statement to know that the White House, the employee with the accusations it has faced. “He denied the allegations and took today dismissal.” President Trump defended the man with the words: “He did his job very well’.

Sorensen himself reports that he resigned because ” he did not want the White House with this distraction had to deal.’ In his own words ‘he has in his life never had a wife an her offended.’

The resignation of the man falls only two days after that, Rob Porter, Trumps personeelssecretaris. Porter had, in similar circumstances resigned: two of his ex-wives accused him publicly of physical and emotional abuse.

By the events of the past few days is the position of John Kelly in the melee. Moreover, it shows this according to the critics, that the president and his party in violence against women seem to tolerate. Because at the Porter sounded the call: “We wish him the best.’ Trump called him an honest man. Even when a picture was published of one of the ex-wives with a black eye, remained the president defend him with “he says that he is innocent,” and ” he did his job very well’.

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