Putin asked Netanyahu to have restraint

421d3bf0d1b99891a5c399688e2acdce - Putin asked Netanyahu to have restraint

JERUSALEM – The United States and Russia have concerned responded to the confrontation between Israel and Syria. The Russian president vladimir Putin asked the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone call to escalation to avoid, messages to Russian state media.

The tension in the region ran Saturday further on when Israel-an unmanned plane was brought down. It went according to Jerusalem to be an Iranian drone from Syria the Israeli airspace was penetrated. Then bombed the Israeli gevechtstoestellen targets in Syria. One of those aircraft crashed after the fire was out.

Netanyahu accused Iran later, “shameless way” the sovereignty of his country to have been violated by the drone. The prime minister stressed that Israel peace, but will defend against any attack. He loved the Iranians and their Syrian hosts” responsible “for the aggression of today.”

The American ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to concern at the “escalation of violence.” A spokeswoman for the department said, however, that her country “the Israeli right to self-defense” supports.

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