North Korea can UN-subscription will not transfer

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NEW YORK – The North Koreans can make their contribution to the budget of the United Nations not to transfer. The international sanctions against a major North Korean state-owned bank make that impossible, the North Korean UN mission.

North Korea says for this year, approximately 184.000 dollars (about 150,000 euros) owed to the UN. The North Korean UN ambassador Ja Song-nam, would the issue have already been discussed with a senior UN official. Yes want that the international organization helps the transaction still as possible.

The incident proves, according to the North Korean UN mission, how cruel and uncivilized the sanctions are”. If Pyongyang the UN-subscription fee cannot pay, according to a statement,crystal clear” that the United States and their followers” are responsible for this. Both the US and the UN security council decided earlier to sanctions against the North Korean bank.

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