New leader of the Irish-nationalist Sinn Féin

f354aa4b6b9358d0b242977d14c03c0d - New leader of the Irish-nationalist Sinn Féin

DUBLIN – The Irish nationalist party Sinn Féin has Saturday after more than 34 years to a new leader. The party installed at a congress of 2000 party members in Dublin on Saturday Mary Lou McDonald to follow Gerry Adams.

One of the main goals of the party is the unification of the republic of Ireland with the Great Britain associated Northern Ireland. “Mcdonald’s style is different, but our goals remain the same: to be in the north and in the south in the government, Irish unity and reconciliation to achieve in a shared republic where large social changes”, said the propaganda chief of Sinn Féin, Ciarán Quinn, against the Irish Times.

The left party would be the party leader McDonald played a more important role, especially in the republic of Ireland. McDonald would have more voter appeal than political veteran Adams, who almost exclusively been linked to the bloody and long conflict over Northern Ireland.

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